Sunday, July 25, 2010

Top 4 Best Selling Cars of All Time

Cars are many, but the quality and luxurious ones are very few.So this is the Top 4 Best Selling Cars of All Time.

1. Toyota Corolla ( From 1966- till today)

In the top 1 position among the list of top 4 most sold cars of all time, we have the Toyota's Corolla. More than 35,050,000 units of Toyota Corolla has been sold since its first launch in the year 1966. It was only in 1997 that Corolla gained the name for the best selling car. Because of its huge popularity, Corolla has been through many design changes and spec changes. Corolla is mainly manufactured in Brazil, Japan, China, Canada and Malaysia, and soon the production will begin in USA by the end of 2010. Corolla has won people's heart just by its sheer looks and performance. It still holds the 'best sold car of all time' title.

2. Volkswagen Golf (From 1974- Till today)

Volkswagen was able to pull out another best selling car of all time. Volkswagen Golf, which was first manufactured in the year 1974, happens to be the second highest sold car till date. Selling more than 25,100,000 units since its first launch, Golf has become a common talk. The latest Golf car happens to be the Volkswagen Golf MK6.

3. Volkswagen Beetle (From 1937-2003)

In the third position stands one of the most famous car of Europe and America. The Volkswagen Beetle's production began in 1937 and ended in 2003. In this time frame, Volkswagen group sold close to 21,529,464 units. During the 50s the Volkswagen Beetle was considered to be one of the most luxurious and comfortable car. Volkswagen beetle even replaced a few well known car models in USA. The selling factor of Beetle can be attributed to its design and build quality, as it surpasses all expectations.

4. Ford Escort/Orion (From 1968-2003)

In the fourth position we have the Ford Orion. Ford Orion or Escort's production began way back in 1968, and the production stopped in the year 2003. But within this time frame, Ford was able to sell close to 20 million cars. Ford wanted to make the car for European countries, and they came up with the Ford Orion. Specifically built for Europe; its a Saloon car. It was the time when the saloons were being replaced with the brand new hatchbacks. But Ford Orion sold more because of the features it gave to the owner. It had sunroof, locking, electric windows, tachometer, rear head restraints, and all that you can think of in a modern car.


  1. The #1 best-selling car on the list doesn't show any signs of slow sales even at these present times. It might be because for a compact car, it has a lot of attractive characteristics for its price. With 35 million units sold, and each unit gets sold every 40 seconds (wow!), there’s definitely one or a few of this at every car dealership, for sure.

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