Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Guide To Selling Cars - Determine Car Value Before Selling It

If would like to buy new car, we need to sell old one which still prior used get new car.

Although old, it still has certain sales value. This sales value on the other hand can be used to reduce cost when buy new vehicles.

Below is following guide sell your car.

Old car value

First question you need know was your car sales value? You can obtain it value through motor magazine to estimate market price depend upon model, make and year been produce.

But, should be remembered every car and owner is unique, so they price surely different between one and others.

For example, if your old one in good condition from aspect managing with periodic service decision, never involved with any accident, you on the other hand is first owner, thus you can be contracted higher selling price, relatively owner who did not care for they car nicely and vehicle ownership exceeding two to three owner.

Proper channel to sell car

Second matter on the other hand, How way to sell it? Some of the ways that could be made such as:

Advertise car in newspaper or motor magazine.
advertise car in on-line advertisement (75% sale rate)
Separate word of mouth through partner and family.
Place car in used car distributor.
Trade in with seller when making new car purchase.

Usually, you can be contracted high sales price for old car if yourself act as salesman, because you can frugal through commission cutting or profit imposed by middlemen.

Just that it unpleasant because you should organize appointment to enable buyer see and test drive car. Try to imagine you have to face with fussy buyer so that you reduce sales price with lower and wants to see a car few times.

Through used car distributor, all sales business will be facilitated and various problems would be emerging. But, if used car distributor can sell your car, your car trade in price lesser because imposed commission by used car distributor. You also need to get to know your car market value to prevent cheated by car distributor by giving lower prices from you should. Don't letting distributor in the black higher. As such, negotiate price with more considerate and unanimous so that it profitable for both parties.

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