Saturday, July 24, 2010

Review of the Myvi Perodua, a Malaysian Car

Standing at 1.3 litres of engine capacity, the 'Perodua Myvi' remains the top choice when it comes to buying a car. Especially at entry level, most 'Malaysians' seem to lean towards this particular model. I, myself drive one. And I am about to tell you what it feels like driving one, after 3 months.

I think that it the price of RM40,000 (give and take) for a small car like this is a little overpriced. But, the plus points of the 'Myvi' is its spacious compartments inside. The interior can even cater to a giant 6 footer, I believe. Your head will never have to bump against the roof anymore.

Driving experience when on the 'Myvi' is like driving a 'Mini Cooper' (I have never driven one yet). Power steering makes it effective at turning, with its small dimension. Talking about car size, it is relatively very easy to park. Personally, I do not need to change gears from reverse to drive more than twice. That, I think is the biggest advantage a 1.3 litres capacity car can provide; the small size advantage (yet decent engine performance).

You will need to refuel every 350-400km for RM60 (give and take for 'RON95' petrol). Always diligently applying overdrive only when necessary, inflating tyre pressures to 220kPa, letting the 'Myvi' "roll" most of the time on road; these are some of the practices that make up the statistic for the RM60 fuel price tag. For the overdrive part, the car is driven from 0-60kph(overdrive off). Higher than that speed, I always turn the overdrive on. Long distances can make your 'Myvi' save a lot. Driving a great distance like 200km nonstop on a highway only takes up half of your fuel tank.

Acceleration for the 'Myvi' is rather "poor". As it runs on automatic transmission, that might explain. But, in most cases, I find that switching to 'OD off' helps a ton. Then again, I do not rely on this for overtaking cars. Automatic cars are rather more suited for comfortable and highway and traffic jams driving. Note that I had been driving the 1.3 litres engine capacity cars with manual transmission, where acceleration is the major strength.

Overall, for its price, comfort, maneuverability and capacity, it is worth taking a test drive on the 'Myvi'. It has its own reasons for one of the top national cars here in Malaysia. Although I will never understand its motto at the back that says "Building Cars People First". Good luck.

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